Medical News Today: How a dog can make it easier to manage diabetes

Dogs could help people with type 1 diabetes manage their condition, a new study shows. Specially trained canines can ‘sniff out’ blood sugar levels.

Medical News Today: Type 1 diabetes: Drawing nearer to treatment that generates new insulin cells

Scientists have mapped the signals in the cellular environment that determine whether immature pancreatic cells will produce insulin.

Medical News Today: What to know about type 1 diabetes

There are two main types of diabetes, and type 1 leads to insufficient production of insulin. This type is normally present from a young age and irreversible. Read on to learn about the symptoms, how to manage insulin production, and possible causes.

Medical News Today: Diabetes: The insulin pill may finally be here

People with type 1 diabetes must have daily injections to manage symptoms. But researchers have finally developed a pill that may soon replace injections.